How do i place a custom order?

We are glad you asked! 95% of our orders are custom and made to order. We work with you to come up with a design that fits your style and will enhance your space. By working with you one on one, together we will create a HAND MADE, unique, one of a kind piece of furniture.

However for 90% of our customers a custom order is a completely new experience, so we have outlined the general steps below.

Our Lead time for most orders is 8-10 weeks. However, we do offer rush options for a fee. Our minimum turn around timing is 2 weeks.

Step 1

If you have a pretty good idea of what you want and don’t feel like you need or want a personal consult you can send us an email or fill out our form by clicking HERE. If you have any images a direct email may be best. You can also use this option if you do not know what you want and are just looking for ideas on pricing or do not have time to meet in person.

If you would prefer to meet with someone from our company at our showroom to go over options, view wood samples and work together on a design follow the link HERE. IT’S FREE!

Step 2

Once you have submitted a request you should expect an response within 24hrs. If you haven’t included any pictures or references we will likely ask for those. We may also suggest a customer consult or set up a call to go over your ideas. We will also suggest wood types, sizing, general design ideas and offer example photos. At this step we may be able to provide a Ballpark quote.

Step 3

Once we have a solid grasp of your project including, wood type, dimensions and design we will work up a rough quote and a rough drawing or outline. Since we need to calculate man hours, shipping/delivery costs and material costs this step could take up to a week. We then send you the quote and ask for approval on pricing.

Step 4

After we receive your approval on pricing, we will send an invoice and ask for a REFUNDABLE 50% Deposit. This deposit allows us to start working on your project and work up a more detailed drawing or outline. We will then send you the more detailed drawing or outline for approval. Once approved, we will order your materials and your deposit is no longer refundable. If we do provide a detailed design/outline that is approved your deposit will be refunded (this has yet to happen).

Step 5

The Magic Happens! Members of our highly skilled team start building your project. You can follow along by watching our “Instagram stories”! We try to post as much of the process as possible. We will also send you pictures along the way at critical moments such as color options and last minute details. While we are building your item you can set up an appointment to visit our workshop and check on your item in person.

Step 6

Once your project is complete we will reach out to set up a personal delivery or work out shipping. Shipping and delivery costs vary drastically but will be outlined in the detailed quote: see step 3. At this time we will collect your final balance and you will enjoy your totally RAD, super custom piece of furniture.